Our Model

Our schools are socio-economically, racially and ethnically diverse communities. Our students engage in a challenging, experiential learning environment that develops their confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world. Our schools are tuition free and non-religious. The mission of CWC Los Angeles is realized through our core fundamentals of academic excellence, diversity, and community.

Academic Excellence

Our approach recognizes the importance of standardized tests while acknowledging that they reveal only a small part of the picture in determining overall student achievement.

We believe that children must be assessed and educated well beyond the traditional “core” intelligences of reading, writing and computing. Art, music, dance, physical education, social-emotional development and other disciplines all have an important place in our schools and in the development of our children. Extending our focus to these pursuits will help develop a lifelong passion for learning and will give students a well-rounded education.

The learning model of Citizens of the World Los Angeles is based on Constructivism, a theory in which knowledge is built (or constructed) on earlier knowledge. We structure learning to build on what students already know and support them in revising and refining their understanding as they work toward mastery. In addition to content knowledge, our students will engage in learning processes that develop conceptual understanding as well as self-knowledge.

The following components help us bring this theory to life in each classroom:

Project-based learning: Project-based learning integrates skills and knowledge through meaningful projects that make abstract learning concepts concrete. As reflective learners, children connect what they learn to their own lives. Teachers strive to teach for understanding, ensuring that students internalize deeply what they learn and are, in turn, able to apply what they learn to new and different circumstances and contexts.

Low student-to-teacher ratios: In order to meet each child’s learning needs and to allow for a variety of instructional methods, CWC Schools’ staffing structure ensures a low student-to-teacher ratio. This allows for small-group instructional support from a teacher, while an assistant teacher may monitor independent work, lead partner games, or direct activities throughout the classroom.

Talent and leadership: Our students benefit from excellent educators at all levels. Our talented teaching faculty and school leaders enjoy regular professional development and tap into the shared resources and knowledge of sister schools throughout the CWC Schools network. Visiting schools around the country and speaking with other schools leaders allow us to draw from and build upon best practices no matter where they originate.


At Citizens of the World Los Angeles, we believe that the diversity of our communities, and of the world at large, is a great strength. Through targeted outreach and recruitment, our schools are intentionally designed to reflect their surrounding communities and the larger society in terms of race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. By learning, interacting and growing in a diverse setting, our students are preparing to thrive in the pluralistic society they will soon join.

This model allows our students to form meaningful relationships with individuals of other races, cultures, and backgrounds. Studies have shown that students with these experiences are better able to live and work in diverse settings than those from more homogenous schools.

Recognition and appreciation of diverse cultures, perspectives and backgrounds are important themes in our curriculum, as well. A strategic selection of books, materials and lessons helps foster a continued curiosity about other cultures across the globe.

Finally, encouraging and modeling positive, inclusive interactions among students and members of the full school community is a paramount priority for our schools. Teachers help establish a respectful tone among all members of the classroom community by teaching students to value differences and resolve conflicts appropriately.


CWC Los Angeles believes that the school/home partnership and free-flowing communication is integral to the success of the children. All CWC families are urged to participate actively in the school community as volunteers, valued stakeholders and participants in regular family education workshops and school community activities.

As Citizens of the World, we cultivate leadership, independence, self-knowledge, appreciation for different perspectives and respect, both within and beyond school walls. Just as we ask the community to support our school, so too will the school support the community. Student-designed service-learning projects, created during weekly classes devoted to this endeavor, enable each member of our community of learners to make a real and lasting contribution to the world around us.